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Course Name: Certificate in Tournament Golf- Intermediate  (NZQA Level 3)

Code: CTG3

Key Information

Duration: 30 weeks of each

Start Dates: The first term commences on January 9th 2017 and January 8th 2018. Thereafter on the 9th March, 1st \may, 24th July and 9th October for 2017 and 5th March, 30th April, 23 July and 8th October for 2018

Programme – Full time 40 hours per week


Course Content

This first part of this course aims to get the students into the correct grip, stance and postures, targeting theory and practical, directional assessment. It covers the subject areas of the straight game, left to right, right to left game practical. Video analysis is used extensively to ensure that students learn to correct their faults and complete self analysis. The second part of the course works on the straight game theory and the 1/3 swing for chipping and up to 1/3 swing for putting. The main concentration is on the correct pace and break estimation for putting and sand saving and a chipping evaluation theory and practical to improve their playing handicap to a maximum of 18.


Placement and Assessment

The placement in Certificate in Tournament Golf NZQA level 3 will need students who have played 36 holes to a maximum handicap of 39 and who have a basic knowledge of English to enable communication. The external assessment for this course will be the improvement in the students New Zealand Golf Handicap Index from the commencement of this course to a maximum of 18 at the conclusion.



The certificate in tournament & Golf Development NZQA level 3 preliminary aims to develop the fundamental skills and knowledge for students to understand golf’s basic principles and forms a preparation for further study towards either the Diploma in Golf Coaching or in the Diploma in Tournament Golf.