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Welcome to IGQ!



 Welcome to IGQ Golf College , where people with ambitions in golf have the opportunity to realise their dreams and maximise their full potential to compete or obtain employment in the fast growing golf industry.

The IGQ Golf College, approved by NZQA and the Ministry of Education, offers the world wide recognised qualifications in Golf Coaching, Tournament Golf and golf skill improvement. The IGQ Golf College also offers short term programmes for golf lovers who would like to have their golf skills and knowledge recharged with our NZPGA golf professionals

The IGQ Golf College, principally located at Coringa Golf Club, is proud to be considered one of the leading golf training establishments in the world. It includes some of the finest coaching and practice facilities in Christchurch, New Zealand and a Championship Golf Course of 6,497 metres(7,200 yards), including access to ideal wet weather practice facilities.

The programmes and tutors offer a superb combination of training, teaching and assessment. The programmes are supported by top class facilities and a top class PGA coaching team enabling you to develop and enhance the skills you need to succeed in golf at top amateur or professional levels.

The Programme Designer’s 30 years of professional golf experience has created courses that are totally golf related and based on the established principals of golf. We are confident that the graduates of IGQ will step out with the skills and knowledge that meet current market needs; and will have a bright employment future in the global market place.

Your professional golf career starts from IGQ.

We look forward to helping you make the most important step in your future golfing career!